Follow Up: Fast Forward 2060 Conference Policy Talks


Last week, the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA), hosted Fast Forward 2060: Highlighting Legacy and Action in the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community Under President Obama and Beyond.

We wanted to highlight some of the policy discussions at Fast Forward 2060, a conference hosted by the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Despite the long-debunked “model minority myth” that continues to be perpetuated in policy discussions and in popular culture, the truth remains that many in the APA community continue to face challenges in the areas of civil rights, immigration, housing, healthcare, and education.

Videos of these policy talks are available on the NCAPA Facebook page, including:

  • Professor Franklin Odo on Japanese American internment and how we stand on civil rights today,
  • Representative Grace Meng on importance of Asian American and Pacific Islander representation, and
  • Leaders within NCAPA, including Nisha Ramachandran (NCAPA), Rita Pin Ahrens (SEARAC), Sarah Ha (TFA), Kham Moua (OCA), Navdeep Singh (NAPABA), Marita Etcubanez (AAJC), Isha Weerasinghe (AAPCHO), Amina Abbas (APIAHF), Seema Agnani (CAPACD), Katrina Dizon Mariategue (SEARAC), Allyn Hoang (Eye Opener TV), and Congressman Ami Bera (D-MD), speaking on the state of Asian American and Pacific Islander education, health, housing & economic justice and immigration

    This video – and more – from FF2060 are available on the NCAPA Facebook page!

These videos were recorded by the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans, a coalition of national Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander organizations striving for equity and justice by organizing our diverse strengths to influence policy and shape public narratives. Please take a look at these sessions, and while you’re at it, like the NCAPA Facebook page to stay informed about what’s going on in different APA organizations around the country!

@WhiteHouseAAPI – Amina Abbas of APIAHF & Isha Weerasinghe of AAPCHOtweets speaking on the state of AAPI health


Daniel Minyong Cheung is the Editor in Chief of the Asian American Policy Review. He is in his fourth year of the concurrent JD/MPA program at Harvard Kennedy School and NYU Law School. He specializes in environmental and land use law and policy. Upon graduating, Daniel hopes to practice law in Salt Lake City, where his partner is completing a PhD.