Model Majority Podcast

For those who listen to podcasts, we recommend checking out the Model Majority Podcast with two former Obama organizers, Tony Nagatani and Kevin Xu. Tony and Kevin reached out to the AAPR last month to promote their series on AAPI Heritage Month, so this is a bit of a late post, but since every month should be AAPI Heritage Month, you can still check out those episodes by subscribing on iTunes or on your favorite podcast app.

If you’re looking for a fresh and honest take on policy issues that affect the Asian American community — without any Blue Apron or Me Undies ads — it’s worth a look. I’ve gone through all 22 episodes, and my favorite episodes so far are the very first episode where they discuss the difficulty of the AAPI racial category, and Episode 17, which features an interview with Kiran Ahuja who served as the first Executive Director of WHIAPPI under President Obama.

Podcasts are exploding as a medium, and we are excited that diverse voices like Tony and Kevin’s are filling this space!