Introducing Volume 29: “Power in our multitudes”

Foreword by Sydney Fang

29 years ago, students produced the first issue of the Asian American Policy Review. In the same year, a Chinese immigrant, nail salon worker, and wife of a refugee gave birth to a daughter. 29 years later, her daughter became the Editor-in-Chief of the Asian American Policy Review to elevate the narratives that supremacies render invisible. This edition of AAPR represents our contribution to the long legacy of Asian America speaking truth to power.

This year marks the 50thanniversary of the third world Liberation Front, whose victories give us language to articulate our truths and inspire contemporary struggles, and this year is marked by our communities’ continued fight for racial justice. Yet, our communities have risen up in different ways, and even on different sides of the struggle.

While some Chinese Americans lined up at the gates of Harvard to threaten affirmative action, Southeast Asian Americans organized against the Trump Administration’s deportation of Vietnamese refugees, and Desis prevented the displacement of poor people of color by pushing Amazon out of Queens. Our community is everywhere, though our struggle is often invisibilized, but for the work of our community on the ground. The 29th Edition speaks with the volume of frontline voices, in service of building a solidarity politic.

The contributors to the 29th Edition demonstrate that Asian Americans are blasian, brown, queer, trans, intergenerational, organized and resilient. Our contributors illuminated the multiplicity of Asian America, igniting dialogue about the policy solutions that our complexity demands. Contributors make the case for gender justice and transgender rights in the Pilipinx community, transformative mental health practices, transnational advocacy strategies, and pan-Asian movement building.

We lift up the wisdom and evidence of our communities to demonstrate the power of our multitudes, resist white supremacy, and advance the collective welfare of communities of color.

I am honored to present you the 29th Edition of the Asian American Policy Review.


The Brown Asian American Movement: Advocating for South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Filipino American Communities

Kevin L. Nadal

For Queer Asian American Youth Who Are Resilient & Tenacious: How queer Asian American youth and their advocates confront the tensions in their communities

Doua Kha

Gender Justice and Transgender Rights in the Pilipinx Community

Nikki Abeleda, Mikayla Konefal, and Katherine Nasol

Intergenerational, Multi-ethnic, and Transnational Approaches to U.S. Policy Advocacy for the Filipino American Community

Steven Raga

Tibetan Strategies and Chinese Counter-Strategies, 1986-2012

Tenzin Dorjee

Data, Community, and Meaningful Change: Mental Health Advocacy in the Asian American Community

Hyunji Hannah Lee

A Journey of Public Stewardship on Asian American and Pacific Islander Mental Health: Massachusetts’ Approach to Addressing Disparities

Edward K. S. Wang, M.S., Psy.D.

Blasian Voices on Affirmative Action

Alani Fujii

We’re Not Who You Think We Are

Chenxing Han

Is Queerness A White Invention?

Sarah Ngu

Why are so many of us secretly depressed? Excavating the layers of Asian Americans’ struggle with mental health

An Interview of J.R. Kuo by Charlene Wang