Volume 10 (1999-2000)

Tenth Anniversary Issue


Liars, Traitors and Spies: Hen Ho Lee and the Racial Construction of Disloyalty
by Brant T. Lee

The Wages of Native-Born Asian Americans at the End of the Twentieth Century
by Arthur Sakamoto and Satomi Furuichi

K-12 Education and Asian American Youth Development
by Peter Nien-chu Kiang

Forum: Emerging Political Power in the APA Community

Political Clout and Equal Opportunity
by S.B. Woo

The 80-20 Initiative and the 2000 Election: An Assessment
by Paul Y. Watanabe

Asian Pacific Americans: Are We Ready to Be at the Political Table?
by Daphne Kwok

Transforming Patterns of Contemporary Asian American Community Politics
by Pei-te Lien

The Political Rights of Asian Americans
by Angelo N. Ancheta

New Means for Empowerment in the Asian Pacific American Community
by Steven Hill and Robert Richie

Gaining the President’s Attention: An Interview with Martha Choe and Shamina Singh
by Namju Cho and Jacinta Ma

Book Review | Immigration Changes: Civil Rights and Social Science
by Frank H. Wu


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