Volume 26 (2015-16)

Letter from the Editor

Filipinos for Garcetti: Ethnic Political Organizing in Los Angeles and Asian American Civic Engagement in Cities
by George Villanueva

Navigating the Road to Work: Second-Generation Asian American Finance Workers
by Hyein Lee and Margaret M. Chin

Emergence of the Asian American Electorate: Awakening the “Next Sleeping Giant”
by Paul Ong, Elena Ong, and Jonathan Ong

Covering For, and Through, Conservatism: Bobby Jindal & Nikki Haley
by Misha Tsukerman

The Making of a Community Warrior: Donnie Chin and Seattle’s International District
by Susan Nakaoka

Don’t Call it Jazz: An Interview with Vijay Iyer
Interviewed by Daniel Youngwon Lee

Asian in the Decade of Hope: Eight Axial Poems
by Chiori Miyagawa


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