Volume 6 (1995-96)

Special Issue on Affirmative Action

The Three Percent Solution: Asian Americans and Affirmative Action
by Dana Takagi

Discrimination in the Workplace: Asian Americans and the Debate Over Affirmative Action
by Paul M. Igasaki

Marching Toward the Dream
by Frederick F.Y. Pang

The Presidential Review of Affirmative Action: A View From the Inside
by Dennis Hayashi and Christopher Edley, Jr.

Affirmative Action and Asian Americans: Unfair Policy Causes Real Harm
by Lance T. Izumi

Being Used and Being Marginalized in the Affirmative Action Debate: Re-Envisioning Multiracial America From an Asian American Perspective
by L. Ling-chi Wang

Broadening the Scope of the Affirmative Action Debate
by Corinne Maekawa Kodama

Invisibility and Overrepresentation: Affirmative Action and the Asian American Paradox
by Helen H. Hyun

Why Asian Pacific American Workers Support Affirmative Action
by Kent Wong

Racial Construction Through Citizenship in the U.S.
by Susan K. Lee


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