Volume 7 (1996-97)

Special Issue on Transnationalism

Have You No Decency? Racial Aspects of Media Coverage on the John Huang Matter
by Frank Wu and May Nicholson

Does Under-Participation Matter? An Examination of Policy Opinions Among Asian Americans
by Pei-te Lien

Japanese American Redress: The Proper Alignment Model
by Harry H.L. Kitano and Mitchell Maki

The Overseas Chinese Miracle
by Peter Kwong

The Asian Exclusion Act of 1996: Welfare Reform and Asian Pacific America
by Andrew Leong

Human Rights, Civil Rights and the New Welfare Legislation
by Karen K. Narasaki and Jayne Park

Facing the Facts: Welfare & Immigration Policy
by Yeh Ling Ling

Survey of the Public Policy Concerns of Indian Americans
by Aneesh Chopra, Ajay Kuntamukkala and Keith Reeves

Poverty Among Southeast Asians in the United States
by Cuong Quy Huynh

Jing Fong: Unfair Labor Practices in Chinatown
by Jennifer Lee

Broken Promises and Aging Patriots: An Assessment of U.S. Veteran Benefits for Filipino World War II Veterans
by Vanessa Vergara

Asian American Political Participation, Voting Patters and the Reshaping of American Politics, 1984-1996
by Jack Vaitayanonta

An Interview With Benjamin Cayetano, Governor of Hawai’i

An Interview With Connie Chung, Shorenstein Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School

An Interview With Bong Hwan Kim, Korean Youth and Community Center in Los Angeles, CA

Book Review | Caught in the Middle: Korean Communities in New York and Los Angeles
by Pyong Gap Min

Book Review | The New Chinatown
by Peter Kwong


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